Everyone needs a gate in their home, whether it's made of wood, iron, or aluminum. The aluminum gate can attract your attention because it has unique qualities. When visitors enter your home, they immediately see the gate that is the first image of your house. Modern or traditional, sliding or swinging, it protects you from aggression. If you have animals, the gate is essential, because it prevents them from going out in the street. You need advice on which type of gate to choose. What are the strong and weak points of this gate? And which motorization to choose?


The types of opening that exist are the swing gate and the sliding gate. The aluminium swinging gate consists of two leaves. This system has an opening of more than 120° if the mason accepts it, or an opening of 180°. The cost of the masonry is cheaper compared to the sliding gate. If you have some space for a sliding gate, it is better to make a swing gate, and you can install a gate to the outside as long as you do not touch the public road. The sliding gate is moved on a rail fixed to the ground. You can read more about this on Tschoeppé's page at www.tschoeppe.fr.


Having an aluminium gate has as many advantages as disadvantages: it differs in weight, which is lighter than a PVC gate, but it is stronger compared to an iron gate. You do not need to maintain it, because this gate does not rust or oxidize, and it is also recoverable. It also has weak points. It is one of the most expensive materials, the price can slow you down at the time of your choice, because the price varies between 200 and 3000 euros depending on the gate manufacturer. It is also fragile, in case of shock, it can dislocate or deform.


For the swinging gate, the jack motor and the arm motor are possible. The motor is a screw jack motor and takes up little space, opens to 130°, it is solid. The installation of the arm motor is easy, because there is the natural movement of the arm. For the sliding gate there are two types of systems: the ground rail and the self-supporting system. The ground rail is the most used to guide the gate, the movement is in the axis of the gate. The self-supporting system does not require a ground rail, but a counterweight guiding system. The advantage of the self-supporting system is that it does not take up much space and is very easy to roll. You can automate them with the same operators via a nylon rack to reduce noise.