When a walkway is well laid out, it offers a feeling similar to what we can feel when we walk in the heart of nature. However, there are many options to be considered to make a walkway more pleasant, from the choice of materials to the lighting to the direct surroundings.


A walkway functions aesthetically and logistically in the landscape by establishing links with the destination spaces. These pathways create a framework for movement in the landscape by linking different spaces, defining boundaries between different areas of use and helping to organize the landscape as a whole. Paths and walkways also provide a transition from one type of garden space to another. They guide us through the landscape and frame the most attractive views as we progress. They help to define space, create logical relationships between different areas and bring order and balance to the overall landscape.


Before you build a driveway, examine the textures and appearance of the garden and the style of your home to ensure that the driveways will complement the scene you create. Also think about the use of your driveway. High-traffic areas will need to be wider and made of more durable surfaces. Consider natural pathways to doors, sheds, entertainment areas, garden furniture, children's play areas and other areas. These are where you need to place paths when designing your garden. You can also create paths through existing plantings or meadows. Improve the proportions of your garden. Long, slender paths accentuate a narrow garden, while a path that runs from side to side will give the illusion that the space is wider.


To widen the view, place plants or containers along the entire length to attract the eye side by side. In a room garden, pathways can be used to connect spaces, often through arches and tunnels. Natural stone and gravel are classic choices, but brick and mosaic design can also work well. Winding your serpentine path through a dense plantation is particularly well suited to a cottage garden. Use materials without rigid geometry such as gravel, reclaimed irregular bricks or stepping stones. For wooded areas, bark chips are a perfect choice. Don't hesitate to add lighting to your driveway. There is a wide choice of exterior or chubby bollards, lighting tape, floor lamps, spotlights and more.