Architects are generally responsible for the visual appearance of buildings and structures, prior to the final design of the structure. He will develop a facility for the designs and requirements specified by his client. Architects develop a more creative design in aesthetics by coming up with creative ideas to satisfy the client.


An architect is both artistic and functional when designing structures. When an architect is approached by a client or sponsor, he calls a meeting to find out the needs of the work or construction project. A building is designed by the architect to satisfy the client. He brings more creativity and artistic elements to the building. This design creation will be repeated until the parties, namely the client and the designer, are satisfied. The architect's work must be properly organized. This requires keeping records of the various contracts, project details, costs and budget details, time limit and day-to-day progress report. In most cases, architects should work with the civil or structural engineers for communication and discussion of technical problems encountered during design and implementation.


A construction project involves huge design drawings that must be prepared before work is carried out on site. Any errors must be pre-checked before implementation. The drawings are used as the basis for detailed estimates, material purchases and on-site work. Initially, sketch drawings are prepared showing the location of the building. This gives an idea of the layout of the different spaces as well as the different links to the site. The definition of the overall volume and appearance of the project is also reflected in the sketch design. The latter is the basis on which the client accepts certain principles and agreements. The completion of the sketch design will follow the contract proposal, which will move on to the next phase of cost estimation and the duration of the project.


Estimating costs at different stages of the project's progress allows you to control the budget. This allows the client and the project team to remain vigilant, before a larger budget problem arises. Architects have an important role to play in visualizing the entire building structure, which results in the emergence of new ideas and concepts. This leads to difficulties in implementing them without the help of engineers and without understanding the practicality of construction. Therefore, the greatest challenge or responsibility of the architect is not to underestimate the cost of materials and construction time. This point allows for an effective cost estimate.