The kitchen has existed since the first creation of a house. Nowadays, it has become a real central room combining aesthetics and functionality. It is therefore important to maintain, furnish and decorate it from time to time. If you want to make your kitchen a major room in your home, here are some tips.


The way you use your kitchen can make a statement about your lifestyle. Decades ago, kitchens were often much smaller and contained only the necessary cooking areas. Instead of being a utility room, it was simply used to prepare meals and was often separated from dining areas to hide the mess and odours left behind. The kitchen was the most likely gathering place for families, to allow people to discuss the details of their day, and for guests and friends to spend time with their loved ones. Being much more popular places to spend time, most kitchens are equipped with enough space to accommodate several people.


In more modern homes, kitchens are often larger and serve several purposes. For example, many homeowners have comfortable seating in their kitchens as well as storage cabinets and even corners or spaces for work units. You can now use your kitchen in a variety of ways, whatever suits you best, and it is here to enhance your lifestyle, rather than become an obstacle for you. You have probably heard about the work triangle in the kitchen, the triangular arrangement between fridge, oven and sink, which allows cooks to move around easily in the kitchen. Whether or not your kitchen conforms to this ideal, it is useful to think about it in terms of work areas: food storage, dish storage, cleaning (sink and dishwasher), preparation and cooking areas.


Although there are many online tools that homeowners can use to design their kitchens themselves, it is always advisable to have your design and layout created by a designer. Creating a layout yourself can take you a long way and cause a lot of problems. A kitchen designer is aware of the common mistakes and pitfalls that renovators get into. If you are on your own and a structural or functional problem arises later, solving it will be costly and painful. So work with an expert to come up with a foolproof plan that will prevent future problems.