A wide range of retractable attic stairs can be found on the market. However, in order to make the right choice, one must pay attention to the size of the hatch as well as the height between the ceiling and the floor. Here are some tips to help you find the model that suits you.


The retractable attic staircase is the preferred solution, especially when you are short of space. It is retractable and can be easily stored in the ceiling. Obviously, you can hide it under a hatch and unfold it using a cane. What's more, it's easy to install and doesn't require any major work. Moreover, it is the most economical choice. The retractable staircase is indeed more accessible compared to a classic staircase. In addition, it is practical and space-saving. Simply unfold it to use it, then fold it up to store it under its hatch. The handling is very simple and requires no effort. Item is a safe choice, since it must comply with the NF 14975 standard. The retractable staircase does, however, have its drawbacks. It is not suitable for frequent use and cannot support heavy loads or bulky objects. In order to limit the risks and extend its lifespan, its general condition must be checked from time to time and regular maintenance must be carried out.


Today, manufacturers offer retractable stairs in three categories. The folding retractable staircase is the simplest. It is made of wood or aluminium and has 2 or 3 segments. It can be folded and unfolded quickly to touch the ground. It is equipped with a floor protector and possibly a handrail and banister. The sliding staircase can also be made of wood or aluminium. It has several sides that slide down to the floor. However, take great care to avoid accidents during handling. Finally, the scissor or accordion staircase is made exclusively of aluminium and is ideal for small spaces. It can be folded and unfolded using a removable mechanism or a rod. To make the right choice, several elements should be taken into account: the quality of the product, the thermal insulation, the maximum weight it can support and the NF 14975 safety standard (mandatory). Concerning the installation, for concrete constructions, demolition work is often unavoidable. In any case, it is up to you to determine where you really want to install the staircase in order to limit the necessary work: in a corner or in the middle of the attic?


To select the right size, you must take measurements before going to the store. The height will depend on the space between the ceiling and the floor. For the width, however, take the hopper into account. To access the attic, you usually need 12 steps. But you can vary the number depending on the height of your ceiling and the style. The choice of material is also important. The aluminium retractable staircase is light and elegant. It does not require any special maintenance and ensures a longer life span. It is available in different shapes and colours to suit all tastes. Wood is highly appreciated for its noble and exotic side. It is infinitely customizable. On the other hand, it requires annual maintenance. Also, the purchase of a retractable staircase with handrail or wall is highly recommended. It ensures optimal safety for users. Finally, the price depends on the model, the material, the dimension, the number of steps, the quality and of course the supplier. For a made-to-measure retractable staircase, a larger budget should be planned. In any case, if you want to do without a professional for the installation, buy a retractable staircase in kit form.